Tentative Program

Tentative Scientific Program

Day 2 - 4 March 2023 (Saturday) | ILBS , Hall A - Auditorium

04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
0800Hrs Onwards Registration
0900- 1035Hrs Session -1:- A case of septic shock in a patient of ACLF
0900-0905Hrs Case presentation 5 Mins
  Chairperson-  Vivek Saraswat, J V Divatia
  Moderator- Dharmesh Kapoor
  Choice of fluid- does use of albumin improve prognosis?      
0905-0913Hrs Hepatologists perspective     Shiv Kumar Sarin 8 Mins
0913-0921Hrs Intensivist perspective           Sheila Mytra  8 Mins
0921-0929Hrs Choice of second vasopressor-Terlipressin or vasopressin  Salvatore Piano 8 Mins
  How to choose the right empirical antibiotic      
0929-0937Hrs ID’s perspective      Mradul Dagga 8 Min
0937-0945Hrs Hepatologists perspective Paolo Angeli 8 Min
0945-9:53Hrs Hemodynamic monitoring- should it be done routinely?   Shrikant Srinivasan 8 Mins
0953-1001Hrs Cytokine hemadsorption- Timing and protocols        Deepak Govil 8 Mins
1001-10:26Hrs Discussion  25 Min
1026-1030Hrs ILBS data and Protocols 4 Mins
1030-1200Hrs  Session- 2: A case of morbid obese ACLF with pulmonary dysfunction and AKI
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
1030-1035Hrs Case Presentation 5 Mins
Chairperson-  Bikash Ray, Vinod Arora 
Moderator- Kaushal Madan
1035-1043Hrs Nutritional assessment and prescription Puneet Puri 8 Mins
1043-1051Hrs Decision making for invasive mechanical ventilation- protocols and monitoring Prashant Mohan Aggarwal 8 Mins
1051-1059Hrs Use of high flow nasal oxygen-does it improve outcomes   Nitin Jain 8 Mins
1059-1107Hrs Predictors and management of post-intubation circulatory dysfunction  Sheila Mytra  8 Mins
1107-1115Hrs Assessment of heart-use of point of care echo   Rahul Mehrotra 8 Mins
1115-1123Hrs Approach and management of AKI- choice of fluids, vasopressors, diuretics  Sanjeev Jasuja 8 Mins
1123-1131Hrs Emergency Living donor Liver transplant in obese ACLF-patient selection and challenges Neeraj Saraf 8 Min
1131-1156Hrs Discussion   25 Mins
1156-1200 Hrs ILBS data and Protocols  4 Mins
1200-1300 Hrs Session-3: A case of acute liver failure with sepsis   
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
1200-1205 Hrs Case Presentation 5 Mins
Chairperson- Anoop Saraya, Uday Sanglodkar
Moderator- Manav Wadhawan
1205-1213Hrs Impact of sepsis on brain    Deepti Vibha  8 Mins
1213-1221Hrs Plasma exchange in ALF patient with sepsis-should it be done ?   Santhosh E Kumar 8 Mins
1221-1229Hrs CVVHDF vs. Plasma exchange vs. both- which strategy?  Vaishali Salao 8 Mins
1229-1237Hrs Decision making for liver transplant in patients on extracorporeal therapy (Online) Tao Chen 8 Mins
1237-1245Hrs Transplanting a ALF patient with sepsis how to choose the right patient?  Sanjiv Saigal 8 Mins
1245-1253Hrs Ventilation strategies for managing ARDS and how to choose the right patient for ECMO Piyush Srivastava  8 Mins
1253-1301Hrs Impact of extracorporeal therapies on post-transplant outcomes A.S.Soin 8 Mins
1301-1326Hrs Discussion 25 Mins
1326-1330Hrs ILBS data and Protocols  4 Mins
1230-1330 Hrs Poster Rounds
1330-1430Hrs Lunch
1430-1515Hrs Session-4: A case of dengue ALF Case
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
1430-1435Hrs Case Presentation 5 Mins
Chairperson- Ajay Kumar, S M Shasthry
Moderator- Sunil Taneja 
1435-1443Hrs How to diagnose ALF mimic- clues on history and physical examination Anil Arora  8 Mins
1443-1451Hrs Etiological work up for ALF mimic    R.K.Dhiman 8 Mins
1451-1459Hrs Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis- Management and impact on prognosis Seema Alam 8 Mins
1459-1507Hrs Transplanting a ALF mimic- Which patient  Viniyendra Pamecha   8 Mins
1507-1522Hrs Discussion 15 Mins
1522-1715 Hrs Session-5  A case of ACLF with stage 3 AKI – ICA session 
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
1522-1527Hrs Case Presentation 5 Mins
Chairperson- Ashwani Singhal
Moderator - Virender Singh
1527-1535Hrs Biomarkers of AKI-can they guide management    Richard Moreau 8 Mins
1535-1543Hrs Approach and management of metabolic acidosis in non-oliguric AKI R P Mathur 8 Mins
1543-1551Hrs How to differentiate HRS from ATN and implications on management   Paolo Angeli 8 Mins
1551-1559Hrs Can soda bicarbonate improve AKI outcomes in septic shock (Online) Francois Durand  8 Mins
1559-1607Hrs IV Frusemide- when and how to use?  Salvatore Piano 8 Mins
1607-1615Hrs Intermitted vs. continuous dialysis - How to choose the right modality in patients with stable hemodynamics  Shiv Kumar Sarin 8 Mins
  Timing of dialysis in ACLF patient    
1615-1623Hrs Nephrology's perspective  Ranajit Chatterjee 8 Mins
1623-1631Hrs Hepatologist perspective Rakhi Maiwall 8 Mins
1631-1639Hrs Intensivist perspective   Vaishali Salao 8 Mins
1639-1647rs Approach and management of Hypernatremia   Sumeet Asrani 8 Mins
1647-1712Hrs Discussion 25 Mins
1712-1715Hrs Ilbs Protocol  3 Mins
1715-1845Hrs Session 6: A case of alcohol associated ACLF with grade 3 hepatic encephalopathy
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
1715-1720Hrs Case Presentation 5 Mins
  Chairperson- Premashish Kar, B.C.Sharma
  Moderator- Akash Shukla 
1720-1728Hrs Approach to assessment and management of HE in ACLF   Ajay Duseja   8 Mins
1728-1736Hrs Assessment, management of alcohol withdrawal    Mohit Varshney 8 Mins
1736-1744Hrs Timing mechanical ventilation- patient selection and choice of sedation  Vijay Vohra  8 Mins
1744-1752Hrs Role of EEG in evaluation and management  Roshan Kaul 8 Mins
1752-1800Hrs Approach to hyperammonemia, it’s impact and should it be monitored and targeted  Shalimar 8 Mins
1800-1808Hrs Outcomes of Liver transplant in alcohol-associated compared to other etiologies Ravi Mohanka 8 Mins
1808-1816Hrs Impact of HE on outcomes of liver transplant    Dinesh Jothimani 8 Mins
1816-1836Hrs Discussion 20 Mins
1836-1840Hrs ILBS data and protocol  4 Mins
1840-1920Hrs Session 7- Difficult to manage infections in liver ICU
04th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
  Chairperson- Mradul Daga, Dibyajyoti Bhattacharya, Pratibha Kale, Manoj Kumar Sharma
1840-1852Hrs Protocols for management of multidrug resistant bacterial infections Neha Gupta  10+2 Mins
1852-1904Hrs Approach and management of fungal infections  Nipun Verma 10+2 Mins
1904-1916Hrs Diagnosis and management of viral sepsis Ekta Gupta  10+2 Mins
0800 Onwards Gala Dinner