Tentative Program

Tentative Scientific Program

Day 3 - 5 March 2023 (Sunday) | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium

05th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
0800:0900 Hrs Jury for Oral Paper & Poster Evaluation
Jury for 5 Best Oral Paper Presentations / Poster Sessions
0900:1030 Session- 1  Difficult clinical scenarios in a critically ill cirrhotic  
Chairpersons- Shivali Panwar, Chhagan Bihari, Anil Kumar
0900-0915Hrs Stategies for managing intradialytic hypotension on continuous renal replacement therapy   Dinesh Khullar 12+3 Mins
0915-0930Hrs Management of cellulitis in ACLF patient- Evaluation, risk factors, choice of antibiotics and role of surgical debridement  Prakash Shastri 12+3 Mins
0930-0945Hrs Management of coagulation failure in ACLF-Role of point of care tests/ Prothrombin complex concentrates/Recomb. Factor VII Amrish Sahney 12+3 Mins
0945-1000Hrs Management of abdominal compartment syndrome- Role of IAP monitoring/ Assessment and management of Gut paralysis/ management of ascites  Prashant Mohan Aggarwal 12+3 Mins
1000-1015Hrs Approach and management of hyperlactatemia   Sumit Ray  12+3 Mins
1015-1030Hrs Approach to patient with post-immunotherapy liver failure Shiv Kumar Sarin 12+3 Mins
1030-1130Hrs Session 2- Difficult decisions on liver transplant in ACLF-AKI  
05th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
Chairperson- Chetan Kalal, Sridhar Sasturkar 
1030-1045Hrs Managing AKI- Case Based Discussion    
1030-1045Hrs Liver transplant alone versus simultaneous liver kidney transplant in ACLF with oliguric ATN on RRT   Sonal Asthana 12+3 Mins
1045-1100Hrs How to choose the right patient for emergency liver transplant of ACLF on RRT-  Subhash Gupta 12+3 Mins
1100-1115Hrs Intraoperative and post-op management of patients with ACLF-AKI on RRT Debyajyoti Das 12+3 mins
1115-1130Hrs Discussion 15 mins 
1130-1245Hrs Session 3- Ethical issues in managing a liver patient   
05th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
Chairperson- V.Rajan, Vandana Saluja 
1130-1145Hrs Protocols of End-of-Life care in decompensated cirrhosis Rajeev Uppal 12 + 3 Mins
1145-1200Hrs Deciding futility in ACLF patient with multiorgan failure    Ashwani Singhal 12 + 3 Mins
1200-1230Hrs Code of medical ethics Dr Arun Gupta
Dr Girish Tyagi
15 Mins
15 mins 
1230-1245Hrs Discussion 15 mins 
1245-1315Hrs Session 4 - Managing heart in a critically ill liver patient 
05th March' 2023 | ILBS, Hall A - Auditorium
Chairperson- Arun Sood, Satender Pal Singh, Chitranshu Vashishtha 
1245-1300Hrs Diagnosis and management of tachyarrythmias in a liver ICU Yash Javeri 12+ 3 Mins
1300-1315Hrs Strategies for management of high-output cardiac failure  Madhumita Premkumar 12+ 3 Mins
  Vote of Thanks / Velidictory
1350 Onwards Lunch
1430- 1800 Hrs ACLF AKI Consensus
Management of acute kidney injury in acute on chronic liver failure